Food/Restaurants in the area:

“Wilcza Jama” in Smolnik (approx. 5 minutes drive) – regional and definitely best food in the area, including the legendary game (wild meat meals) and its variations. In high season, it is worth booking a table in advance.

“Paweł Not Pretty Holy” in Smerek (35 minutes, but it’s worth it!) – incl. most regional Boyko and Lemko cuisine and others… In the season it is worth booking a table in advance.

“Chreptiów” in Lutowiska (5 minutes drive) – Old Polish and regional cuisine.

“Caryńska” (incl. SPA) in Dwernik (approx. 10 minutes drive) – diverse cuisine, including regional (Boyko and Lemko).

„U Biesa i Czada” in Lutowiska (approx. 2 minutes drive, next to “Delikatesy Centrum” in Lutowiska)

„Pod Żubrem” in Lutowiska (approx. 2 minutes drive, next to Delikatesy Centrum in Lutowiska) – rather bar-like cuisine, tasty.

Other helpful addresses (and where to shop):

Shopping: the closest ones are “Delikatesy Centrum” in Lutowiska (opposite the commune office} or Lewiatan (behind “Delikatesy Centrum”). Larger shops “department stores” are Biedronka and Lidl in Ustrzyki Dolne – around 30 min. drive).

Nearest pharmacy (pharmacy point) is placed in Lutowiska, next to the Police station.

Medical Point – in the building of the Lutowiska Commune (at the back), where the ambulance is stationed.

The nearest hospital / clinic – in Ustrzyki Dolne (30 min. drive). In case of emergency please dial 112.

Closest gas stations:

Grosar” in Smolnik (approx. 5 minutes drive) : in the low season, sometimes closed on Saturday until 1pm and on Sundays. The next gas station (usually open from 6 am to 8 pm) – in Czarna Górna (approx. 10 minutes drive). The nearest 24-hour gas station: Orlen in Ustrzyki Dolne (approx. 30 minutes drive). We recommend checking the operating hours of gas stations on a regular basis on the Internet.

Sightseeing, Mountian Bikes rental and proposals for walks in the area (shorter and longer):

Bike rental – Dwernik 7, tel. +48 501 654 678, (please remind that you’re calling from “Na Dziko”).

Swimming pools – the closest one is in the SPA “Czarna Perła” in Czarna Górna (around 10 min. drive)

Bizons in Muczne (around 15-20 min. drive);

Walk to the top of Otryt mountain to the so-called Sociologist’s Huts (the closest mountain visible from our kitchen  window): after entering the tarmac road, turn right, then turn left along the tarmac road to concrete slabs, then approx. 1 km along the slabs to the forest path and there to the left (there are signs next to a small shed saying “Chata Socjologa”). Then about 1.5 hours. faster uphill pace. There is a shelter on site, but inaccessible to outsiders. You can go back or go down to the other side of Otryt to Dwernik. Tough and used to walking kids aged at least 5 and over will also make it…

Dwernik Kamień peak with beautiful views of the area: drive to the town of Nasiczne (approx. 15 minutes drive) and from the shed in Nasiczne approx. 3 hours. walking uphill.

Połonina Caryńska and Wetlińska: one of the most famous mountain pastures in the Bieszczady Mountains, with wonderful views of the surrounding area. To the car park near Połonina Caryńska – you should go to the town of Nasiczne (approx. 15 minutes drive), and towards Połonina Wetlińska to Wetlina (approx. 20 minutes drive). Access to each of them takes approx. 1.5 – 2 hours. walking, depending on the condition, tourist traffic and conditions

Krywe – remains of an old village and (only surviving) ruins of an Orthodox church. Access from Zatwarnica (approx. 15 minutes drive).

Hylate waterfalls – a cascading waterfall, which is reached after approx. 45 minutes. a walk from Zatwarnica (approx. 15 min. drive). You should pass the shop in Zatwarnica and start your walk behind the bridge next to the Zatwarnica “center”.

Peat bogs in Tarnawa Wyżna – a walk along the nature trail right next to the border with Ukraine. Access to Tarnawa approx. 30 minutes.

For those looking for further trips, we suggest visiting: (in Polish only, but you can use Google Translator 😉