About the House

Our house in Lutowiska

Our house in Lutowiska is as ecological as possible (and as much as we could afford it to be 😉). We heat it with a heat pump, which is one of the most nature-friendly, self-sufficient heating sources. In addition, “for the climate” (or saving oneself in the event of a power failure) there is also a large stove (the so-called “goat”), in which you can light up a cosy fire.

How many of you will fit in “Into the Wild” and what exactly do we offer in our house in Bieszczady?


Our house in the Bieszczady Mountains consists of one large, 4-person bedroom (4 separate beds), two rooms (each one with one bed, convertible to a full size double, the so-called "matrimonial" bed) and a living room with a large corner sofa in the saloon (fold-out, however this is more a backup option). In total, the house can accommodate 8 people (and with an emergency corner sofa in the saloon - 10). We also have one fold-out baby bed. On the first floor, next to the large bedroom, there is also a terrace where you can have breakfast, contemplate the view of the “Otryt” mountain or read a book in the evening... In the living room there is a fireplace, where you can light a cozy fire, and also a 42-inch TV with HDMI cable, so that you can plug your computer to it. We always advise you to go offline in the Bieszczady Mountains, but for “online thirsty ones” - we have very efficient Wifi and full LTE mobile range. Therefore, especially teenagers can feel safe 😉


There are also two bathrooms: a "large" one on the first floor (for bathing enthusiasts) and a "smaller" one on the ground floor (for shower enthusiasts). There is also a hair dryer in case you need it. In addition, we provide you with a kitchen equipped with all the necessary accessories - from cutlery, pots, cups and plates (including plastic ones for children) to a coffee maker, blender, toaster, etc. We also have children's IKEA chairs. In case of emergency we can also provide you with towels, however we’d like to ask you to take yours with you.


We made sure that you can sit on the porch in the morning or in the evening and enjoy the views and local delicacies in a solid and also liquid form 😉 That's why we have a table with a bench, garden chairs, external power sources and, of course, outdoor lighting.

Fireplace and a grill:

In the backyard you will find a fireplace circle, chairs and basic "fire" accessories. In addition, we also provide you with a grill, where you can calmly bake a bear for several people 😉 We are sorry, but according to the "adventures" we’ve had so far, we do not accept the arrival with pets, unless these are hamsters or guinea pigs ☹

What should you take along with you?

Just your own towels, unless you need something else…

Check-in / Check-out time:

Check-in time starts at 4 pm and check-out time finishes at 10 am.

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